Carole Lombard - Bolero-1934 - Film Clip

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Carole Lombard - Bolero-1934 - Film Clip

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Carole Lombard - Bolero -1934 Film Clip

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"Carole Lombard stars with George Raft in the '34 film Bolero. Lombard was nominated for best actress in 1936 for My Man Godfrey. She was married to actor William Powell and later to Clark Gable. She was the love of Gable's life-the unpretentious couple lived on a farm, raised chickens and called each other Ma and Pa. At the onset of WWII, Lombard was killed in a plane crash while returning from a war bond rally. She was only 33 and her career had just started to take off. Although Gable remarried, his final resting place is next to the love of his life."

Carole Lombard: The Early Years

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*Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941)
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Biographie Carole Lombard


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