: Romance on the High Seas - It's magic - 1949

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: Romance on the High Seas - It's magic - 1949

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Doris Day - It's Magic - Romance on the High Seas (1949) - Classic Movies -

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Doris Day
Song: It's Magic
Movie: Romance on the High Seas
Year: 1949


You sigh, the song begins, you speak and I hear violins
It's magic
The stars desert the skies and rush to nestle in your eyes
It's magic

Without a golden wand or mystic charms
Fantastic things begin when I am in your arms

When we walk hand-in-hand, the world becomes a wonderland
It's magic
How else can I explain those rainbows when there isn't rain?
It's magic

Why do I tell me myself these things that happen are all really true
When in my heart I know the magic is my love for you?


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